The High School Hierarchy

There are numerous “social levels” of high school. Everyone is subconsciously labeled and sorted. You probably do it to others without even knowing it. Nerd. Jock. Jerk. Slut. Gay. Dumb. Smart. Ugly. Nice. Athletic. Tall. Pretty. Weird. And the list goes on. Everyone labels and categorizes, whether knowingly or unknowingly. And these categories define you and your social standing in high school. Everything can be simplified into three categories: those who don’t fit in, those who do fit in and those who fall in between. Most people have their main group of friends, but does that really mean they fit in? What does fitting in even mean? In my opinion, fitting in means you are liked by the majority, invited to things and are decently happy with your school life. Not fitting in would then mean the opposite: not being well-liked, often being left out or ostracized and being overall unhappy. Then there is the majority, who fall somewhere in the middle. They are neither popular nor unpopular. They are somewhat invited and somewhat left out. Usually they are only popular in a particular group, like band or drama. I suppose that would be where I fall in this high school hierarchy. What about you?


Author: my1anonymouslife

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