Gender Stereotyping 

I volunteered to help carry Christmas tress for my community last December. I was the only girl that showed up and it  was mainly my school’s football team since their coach made them participate. Their coach didn’t think I could carry a tree on my own and “helped” me. He may have been trying to be nice but I volunteered for this! I know I can carry the tree by myself!  If I had needed help I would’ve asked! Then an older guy there soon tossed me a pair of gloves, expressing that I “wouldn’t want to break a nail”. Really!? I obviously threw the gloves to the side in annoyance. Sexist much? I ended up carrying trees just fine by the way. Nor did I break a nail. 

Gender stereotypes are all around us. Girls should be skinny and shouldn’t eat a lot. Boys shouldn’t be into fashion. Girls can’t play sports like the boys can. Girls should be into cooking and cleaning. Boys should grow up to be the moneymakers while the girls stay home to raise the children. It is the 21st century and yet people still make these assumptions! Being a girl does not automatically mean that I am weak or dramatic or emotional. I’m sick of hearing that. Yes, I cry sometimes but that’s because I am human, NOT because I am a girl. Guys cry, too, and any guy that says otherwise is just lying. People need to stop judging others by their gender. It is insulting. We need to be the generation that throws away these gender stereotypes and embraces a new era. One where we aren’t judged by sex but by what we can do! We can be the generation to make the difference!


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