Monopoly and a Bean Bag Chair

After my last train wreck of a relationship, and the even worse previous one, I have decided to take a break from it all. I am taking a temporary ban on such relationships since they seem to lead to high expectations and heart break. But girls still want to have fun, right? So I am most definitely not swearing off boys completely. So… this leads me to my current situation: “the boy”. I’ve been talking to someone lately. He is nice and all and it wouldn’t matter to me that he is about a year younger if he wasn’t so… naïve. It doesn’t help that he still hasn’t gotten his license and uses sophomoric words and phrases like “lit” and “you do you” on a daily basis. The last two times we hung out we watched Finding Dory on a bean bag chair and played Monopoly. I love a good Disney movie as much as anyone else but holding hands with a boy while watching one just feels like 6th grade to me. It’s cute up to a point but at this point I’m bored. Don’t think I’m a horrible person because I actually have expressed my current anti-relationship feelings to “the boy” so I wouldn’t say I have been leading him on. But even so I feel the need to cut this off. We are so close to the friend zone I might as well establish it. Because as much fun as holding hands is, I could honestly just do that with my best friends. So goodbye boy. This girl doesn’t really want a bean bag chair and Monopoly. Feel free to call me when you grow up though. But for now I am living life 17 and single.


Author: my1anonymouslife

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