Best Friend

We were young, just kids

Who were best friends

And I, so juvenile and naive,

Wanted to be more

Because at the time

That’s what people did

Claimed to be dating

Maybe held hands

Because no one believed

Boys and girls

Could just be friends

So I asked you out

Silly little me

And you turned me down

Then that was the start

Of losing my best friend

Because you stopped talking to me

And we stopped hanging out

And I was left alone

Without my best friend


If only you knew…

I am not okay.

I struggle every day

But that, you cannot see

A constant, agonizing discomfort

That I am forced to fight through

Day by day
If only you knew

My quotidian endeavors

The ones unknown

Without reason or cause

That I am forced to endure.

Maybe then you would

See me differently
I am not okay

But that 

you do not know