Love at 16

Emotions beyond belief

Unimaginably overwhelming

Unable to be overcome

Excruciatingly hard to ignore

A blessing and a curse

Often understood to be myth

Or solely an infatuation

Yet to those who experienced it

It is undeniably real and true



To the person who thinks

He know everything

You know nothing

You see yourself as superior

Because you think you know all

But he who calls one ignorant

Is often the ignorant one

You, who thinks he knows all,

Are the incompetent one

If only you knew…

I am not okay.

I struggle every day

But that, you cannot see

A constant, agonizing discomfort

That I am forced to fight through

Day by day
If only you knew

My quotidian endeavors

The ones unknown

Without reason or cause

That I am forced to endure.

Maybe then you would

See me differently
I am not okay

But that 

you do not know

Prom Perplexity

Junior and senior year of high school includes so many obstacles. Some of them are fun but other not so much. Prom can go either way. It can be one of the best nights of your life or one of the worst. Or you could just not go at all. 

Unlike Homecoming, Prom seems to be more of a couples thing. And even so, Homecoming has seemed to be more fun when I had a date. So with Prom around the corner I find myself wondering what I should do. I don’t have a date or even a group of friends who are going (or at least not ones who have invited me to join them). Yet I also don’t want to miss out on something that you only get to experience probably twice in your life. I want to wear a beautiful dress, have my hair and make up done, dance, and have a great time. But is that an option for me?

Of course! I am going to go to Prom whether I end up getting a date, find a group of friends to go with, or wing it by myself. So to anyone who feels left out or alone or like they can’t fit in just remember you are NOT alone, you are NOT left out, and who cares if you fit in! Life is however you make it so do what you want. Say screw you to conformity and just be yourself.

Kissing Complex

As fun as being single is, it can also be pretty monotonous. Considering I was pretty much in a relationship for the last year and half up until a few months ago I found myself kind of lost. I know it’s sad but it’s true, too. I’m still working to figure out who I am but I at least know I don’t need a boy to be happy. 

There is most definitely an exception, though. And that would be kissing. It’s hard to believe I’d never kissed someone up until less than a year and a half ago. Now, I feel somewhat deprived of such a thrill and even obsessive in a way. So… it’s time to find a solution. I’ll make sure to mention when I find one, too. 

Monopoly and a Bean Bag Chair

After my last train wreck of a relationship, and the even worse previous one, I have decided to take a break from it all. I am taking a temporary ban on such relationships since they seem to lead to high expectations and heart break. But girls still want to have fun, right? So I am most definitely not swearing off boys completely. So… this leads me to my current situation: “the boy”. I’ve been talking to someone lately. He is nice and all and it wouldn’t matter to me that he is about a year younger if he wasn’t so… naïve. It doesn’t help that he still hasn’t gotten his license and uses sophomoric words and phrases like “lit” and “you do you” on a daily basis. The last two times we hung out we watched Finding Dory on a bean bag chair and played Monopoly. I love a good Disney movie as much as anyone else but holding hands with a boy while watching one just feels like 6th grade to me. It’s cute up to a point but at this point I’m bored. Don’t think I’m a horrible person because I actually have expressed my current anti-relationship feelings to “the boy” so I wouldn’t say I have been leading him on. But even so I feel the need to cut this off. We are so close to the friend zone I might as well establish it. Because as much fun as holding hands is, I could honestly just do that with my best friends. So goodbye boy. This girl doesn’t really want a bean bag chair and Monopoly. Feel free to call me when you grow up though. But for now I am living life 17 and single.

Gender Stereotyping 

I volunteered to help carry Christmas tress for my community last December. I was the only girl that showed up and it  was mainly my school’s football team since their coach made them participate. Their coach didn’t think I could carry a tree on my own and “helped” me. He may have been trying to be nice but I volunteered for this! I know I can carry the tree by myself!  If I had needed help I would’ve asked! Then an older guy there soon tossed me a pair of gloves, expressing that I “wouldn’t want to break a nail”. Really!? I obviously threw the gloves to the side in annoyance. Sexist much? I ended up carrying trees just fine by the way. Nor did I break a nail. 

Gender stereotypes are all around us. Girls should be skinny and shouldn’t eat a lot. Boys shouldn’t be into fashion. Girls can’t play sports like the boys can. Girls should be into cooking and cleaning. Boys should grow up to be the moneymakers while the girls stay home to raise the children. It is the 21st century and yet people still make these assumptions! Being a girl does not automatically mean that I am weak or dramatic or emotional. I’m sick of hearing that. Yes, I cry sometimes but that’s because I am human, NOT because I am a girl. Guys cry, too, and any guy that says otherwise is just lying. People need to stop judging others by their gender. It is insulting. We need to be the generation that throws away these gender stereotypes and embraces a new era. One where we aren’t judged by sex but by what we can do! We can be the generation to make the difference!